About Us

We’re all about awesome at American Exterior Supply, Inc.!


At American Exterior Supply, Inc. our goal is to make your remodeling and building an easy process by providing quality low maintenance exterior building products, delivered in a timely manner with service that goes above what you expect.  We’re here to help keep your free time exactly that…your free time!


Since opening in 1992, American Exterior has been a leader in the distribution of vinyl siding and accessories, vinyl replacement and new construction windows.  Over the past 21 years, American Exterior has expanded their inventory to include a broad line of low maintenance exterior products including vinyl shakes, vinyl handrail, aluminum handrail, aluminum columns, vinyl shutters, aluminum and hail resistant patio covers. 



American Exterior Supply Inc. stocks Variform Contractor’s Choice double 4 lap and double 4.5 dutch lap vinyl siding in nine of the most popular colors offered with the option to order any of the additional fifteen colors offered by Variform.  Their inventory includes double 5 and triple 4 soffit in nine colors as well as the coordinating accessories including J-channel, inside and outside corners, and F-channel to mention a few.



American Exterior offers your choice of either aluminum flat pan or hail resistant flat pan patio covers.  Each project is custom sized and manufactured to fit the exact specifications of your project.  Add screenwalls and you’ll have the perfect bug-free outdoor space! 



Vinylmax replacement and new construction vinyl windows offer excellent improved energy efficiency.  Windows are ordered to your exact size specifications to make your next window project spectacular.



American Exterior Supply Inc. offers Foundry Shakes, scallops and stone panels for affordable low maintenance options to spruce up the exterior of your home. 




Aluminum Columns – Vinyl Handrail – Vinyl Shutters –– Aluminum Handrail – Plus siding installation hand tools and metal brakes




Time savings begin at once.  A Carefree Ionizer automatically keeps your water free from algae and bacteria.  No more daily testing, dosing and handling of chemicals.  Unlike other chemical sanitizers, mineral ions are unaffected by heat and sunlight, providing constant protection and safe water.   Since ions are pH neutral and will not affect water balance, the challenge of keeping the pH in check is made easier.


No more burning eyes, dry skin, bleached and damaged hair, offensive chemical odors, or allergic reactions.  Enjoy swimming in refreshing mineral water.  This process was developed by NASA to purify drinking water aboard spacecraft for the Apollo missions.  Add an ionizer to your pool, hot tub or decorative fountain now to begin enjoying biologically safe water. 


American Exterior Supply, Inc. also offers swimming pool winter safety covers.  These covers look very much like a trampoline mat and uses stainless steel springs with brass fasteners to secure this cover to your concrete decking.  There are no unsightly water bags, and no more ponding water with rotting debris floating.  You can walk on these covers and not fall in to your pool.  Yes, you or your child can walk on this pool cover and without the risk falling in and becoming tangled in the plastic and possibly drowning.